Message is the medium

Script Writing

A script I wrote for W Hotel Amsterdam about FOMO.

"FOMO: an acronym we can all relate to at some stage. It's that feeling that reverberates through the modern generation’s lives, now that the Fear Of Missing Out influences the 773,618 choices we make in a lifetime.

In a new film, Dutch model Laura Kampman, who has featured in Dazed and AnOther as well as on the runways for Phillip Lim and Acne, explores the issues that surround a world with infinite choices for people who hate making decisions, and agonise over the alternatives they left behind. Directed by Dave Lane and Jeremy Valander and written by Lisa Rovner, the film shows Kampman following two separate paths through the newly opened W Hotel in Amsterdam: choosing clothes, her phone or a novel, lipstick or sans makeup, and two different hotel rooms.

Kampman’s physically split personality mirrors the design of the W Amsterdam, a hotel that spans across two buildings in the heart of the Dutch city; one is the former Telephone Exchange and the other used to house KAS Bank.

With the Kampman doubles in the Exchange and Bank buildings deliberating over whether to go out in the city, she leaves it all down to fate and a flip: “the coin made me do it”. Watch the film to find out where the paradox of choice takes her."

Watch it here: